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Greetings, Friends!

It is with a bit of sorrow that after building and maintaining this small mission for over 14 years, I must now let it go.

I have spoken to many of my "regulars" to let them know that my health is such that I am no longer able to do much of the work necessary to keep this little mission going.  From the beginning, I have been just one woman doing this work alone.  Age and ill health have finally made this work so difficult that I am no longer able to do it by myself.  Hopefully, there are younger, healthier people who feel the same love and devotion to the Rosary that I do and they will pick up where I have left off.  I feel certain that God will direct the right person into this "job", just as he directed me all of those years ago.

It has been wonderful meeting all of the kind people who have helped me by donating devotional items and Rosaries over the years so that I could distribute them to those in need.

At this time, I have already distributed whatever items I had on hand to those people and organizations I know of who can use these things.  I am not aware of any other individual or organization who is collecting new and gently used items to pass along to those in need.  I can not recommend another place for you to send your items. 

I have gone through this web site and removed every link to anything I ever offered for sale, but for some reason something occasionally pops up on a "Google" search and the page will load completely with a PalPal button.  Anything you find like this is not available.  I no longer sell any Rosaries or devotional items of any kind.  Should you find such a thing and make a payment for it through PayPal, your money will be refunded to you.  I don't know why links to items remain on the Internet like this, but they do.  There is nothing I do about it but hope that nobody "clicks".

Again, let me say "Thank You!" to every one who has been a part of Randall Rosaries over the years.

Blessings & Peace to all of you.