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Bloodstone Rosary GR-701-BL $21.30

What better to represent Christ's shedding of his blood for us than Bloodstone?  Colors of green, white and red mingle in these unusual beads.  Green symbolizes growth and newness as in the newness of spirit we realize in Christ.  White symbolizes purity - perfect for the lamb of God.  Finished with a Mary profile center and a three dimensional crucifix with INRI engraving, this rosary is truly special.

Metaphysical Properties of Bloodstone:

Healing - Victory - Courage - Wealth - Strength - Power - Legal Matters - Business - Agriculture - Invisibility

Approximate Measurements:

Beads:  6mm  Crucifix:  1-3/4"  Center:  3/4"  Length:  21-1/2"